Audio Cassette Transfer

Audio Cassette Transfer

We can transfer your precious audio cassettes and vinyl records to CD or convert and provide these to you as a digital file on a USB device.

During the transfer process we will digitally ‘clean up’ all recordings before they are burned to CD; this service helps to reduce and remove any crackle and hiss wherever possible.

Our Audio Cassette transfer services will enable you to maintain optimum quality and protect your media from any further degradation.

We will add track markers where possible, so you can skip from track to track just like a normal CD. However, we do require a sufficient gap of at least 2 seconds between tracks on original recordings to enable us to include track marker insertion.

Each Audio Cassette will be transferred onto a separate hi-grade CD with an appropriate printed label (maximum 6 words).

We will happily accept any number of tapes or records at any one time, and the price we charge is PER UNIT, not per hour.

If you would like us to check your tapes for any content then we have a minimum charge for checking between 1-5 tapes (see our prices below).

*Due to copyright law we can only transfer your private song collection if it is intended for home use only.

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Audio Cassette Transfer

We will certainly aim to restore and give your audio recordings a new lease of life!

Delivery/Collection –  Your media can be personally dropped off and collected from us on completion. (please note this is strictly by appointment only).

If you would like us to collect or deliver your media then we can offer this service within the Colchester and immediate areas for a minimum cost of £10.00 (single journey).

If you post your media to us then we would recommend that you get in touch with us first and then securely send your media via recorded delivery. Return postage costs will be added to your final invoice.

Should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us for some free, friendly and helpful advice.



  • C30-C60 Tape (30 mins-1 hour) per side £6.50
  • C90 Tape (1.5 hours) per side £8.00
  • C120 Tape (2 hours) per side £10.50
  • Each additional CD Copy £5.50


  • All lengths £10.50 per side
  • Each Additional CD Copy £5.50


  • 7″ & 45 rpm records per side £3.50
  • 7″ 12″ EP per side £6.50
  • 10″ 12″ LP’s & 78 rpm records per side £7.50
  • Additional CD copies made at the same time of transfer £5.50 each
  • Single CD Case £0.60 each
  • Double CD Case £0.70 each


A minimum charge of £9.00 per tape applies for any tape that is found to be blank. If you are unsure if your tape is blank we will happily check the first couple of minutes free of charge.

If you would like us to monitor/check the whole or part of any tape after the first couple of minutes then our minimum charge will apply, even if no material is found. Should any material be found this will be transferred and treated as a normal media transfer.


All our transfers are carried out as a direct transfer. If you require us to edit or include chapter points between each track then your transfer would be subject to our minimum editing charge which starts from £20.00 for the first 30 mins and thereafter £35.00 per hour. If you require just chapter points then we can offer this at a fixed rate of £1.50 per track. Please state this when dropping off your media as otherwise your audio cassette tapes will be transferred direct to CD, and play exactly as they do on the original tape(s).

Please note: The maximum total recording time is approx 80 minutes for 1 CD (if your recording is longer then we will need to master and transfer the remaining audio onto a 2nd CD supplied in an optional double case).

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