Camcorder Tape Transfer

Camcorder Tape Transfer

We transfer Full size VHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, Mini DV, Video8, Hi-8, Digital-8 and Betamax camcorder tapes to a digital file format or directly to DVD.

All our transfer prices are regardless of tape length and are based on a direct transfer to Digital File(s) or individual Hi-Grade DVD’s.

Our Camcorder Tape conversion process is designed to help protect and preserve your original Camcorder Tape footage from further degradation. These tapes are known to degrade over time, so we would advise to get Camcorder Tapes transferred to either Digital File(s) or DVD as soon as you can. Our conversion process will provide an immediate viewing option on digital devices as well as being able to share those precious memories with family and friends much more easily now and into the future.

Video Standards Conversion – We can convert most foreign video formats including: American-NTSC, French-SECAM, PAL to UK PAL for viewing on your DVD player and vice versa.

Additional requirments? – Editing, Music, DVD Spine Titling, Personalised DVD Cover & Disc Design etc. Please feel free to get in touch as we are sure that we will be able to help you.

Processing Time – Our turnaround time is normally 7-10 working days, but in some cases we can complete your work much sooner depending on our overall workload at the time.

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Camcorder Tape Transfer

“We will take great care of your media and aim to give your Video memories a new lease of life!”

Delivery/Collection –  Your media can be personally dropped off and collected from us on completion. (please note this is strictly by appointment only).

If you would like us to collect or deliver your media then we can offer this service within the Colchester and immediate areas for a minimum cost of £10.00 (single journey).

If you post your media to us then we would recommend that you get in touch with us first and then securely send your media via recorded delivery. Return postage costs will be added to your final invoice.

Should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us for some free, friendly and helpful advice.

Camcorder Tapes Price Guide (cost per tape)

  • 1-2 Tapes £15.00
  • 3-6 Tapes £14.00
  • 7-10 Tapes £13.00
  • 11-15 Tapes £12.00
  • 16-20 Tapes £11.00
  • 20 Tapes or more £10.00

Transfers to Digital Media:-  Our normal transfer charges as above apply, plus the cost of USB Flash Media from £10.00 each.

Additional DVD to DVD or USB to USB* copies at the same time of original transfer £5.50 each.

Additional Copies DVD to USB* and USB to DVD created at the same time of original transfer £9.00 each.

Additional copies at a later date £9.00 (we will need your original DVD/CD disc to carry out this transfer, otherwise we may need to carry out a new transfer from the original media you supplied and our normal transfer rate would then apply).

* cost excludes price of USB media

Tape repairs £10.00 each.

DVD cases 0.60p each.

DVD spine titling 0.75p each case.

A personalised DVD design service is available
DVD sleeve design £7.00 & DVD disc design £8.00

Editing rates £35.00 per each hour or £20.00 flat rate for 30 mins.


A minimum charge of £9.00 per tape applies for any tape that is found to be blank. If you are unsure if your tape is blank we will happily check the first couple of minutes free of charge.

If you would like us to monitor/check the whole or part of any tape after the first couple of minutes then our minimum charge will apply, even if no material is found. Should any material be found this will be transferred and treated as a normal media transfer.

Should any material be found this will be transferred and treated as a normal media transfer.

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