Answers to some common questions

Q: Do we need to provide you with anything before you film our show

A:  Yes we will require your school logo, show artwork, and your cast list if applicable. Upon booking with us, we will send you a welcome pack with full details.

Q: What time will your film crew arrive on show day

A:  The film crew will arrive at the venue at least 2 hours before the show start time.

Q: What media formats do you offer.

A:  You can have any mix of DVD Disc, Online Stream, Blu-ray Disc, USB stick and Digital Download, the choice is yours.

Q: How would I receive my show orders.

A:  Depending on which selling option you choose We will either deliver your bulk order direct to your school for distribution or we can post to each individual address – the choice is yours.

Q: What do you do for Child Protection & Security

A:  For additional security and child protection we can protect DVD’s, Online Streams, Blu-rays & USB’s. Depending on the selling arrangements we have already agreed, we would normally deliver your bulk order direct to your school, this method does provide an extra layer of security, meaning you have complete control and responsibility over the order distribution.

Q: Can I use your USB’s with a smart TV

A:  Yes, provided we have not been asked us to copy protect your show, unfortunately, Smart TV’s are unable to read DRM protected files. We are sorry this is not possible we have tried and there is no solution in the world that will play copy protected content on a TV.

Q: What Devices can i stream to

A:  Our Streaming Service has been designed to work on Windows 7 upwards, MacOS platforms, Desktop/Laptop & Tablet Computers, Mobile Devices using Android and most iPhones. To achieve the best results from this service we recommend that your internet connection and viewing device are capable of sustaining a minimum data rate of 5.0 Mbps, Please be aware that wifi and mobile data connections can fluctuate dramatically during playback.