Photo Services

Photo & Slide Conversion

If you need your photos or slides converting to DVD (or another digital format) then we can provide this service to you.  This will ensure that you can protect safely and share your lifetime of images with family and friends.

We can also create a DVD video slideshow with titles and add music so you can sit back and appreciate your treasured memories in full.

Our Photo Conversion Service is available as a Standard, Enhanced & Premium scan.

Standard service includes an image scan up to 300ppi, 1600dpi, in jpeg format and framing.

Enhanced service includes an image scan up to 600ppi, 2400dpi, jpeg format, Auto Enhancement & Framing.

Premium service includes an image scan up to 600ppi, 3200dpi, choice of jpeg or tiff formats, manual RGB Colour Correction, Saturation Contrast Enhancement, Framing & Dust Removal thus removing any imperfections where possible before converting images digitally.

We are able to transfer various Photo formats:

If your original file type is not listed then please get in touch as we may still be able to help you!

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