Problems Playing a DVD?

IMPORTANT If you appear to have problems playing one of our DVD’s please read on:

In order to help you fully we first need to find out why you are experiencing problems with one of our DVD discs, as the actual real failure rate of our DVD’s is less than 0.1 percent.
Question: You may be thinking why are we asking this? The disc is clearly faulty there is nothing wrong with my DVD player as I play other discs all the time.

Answer: Firstly a little bit of background information, although Commercial (Moulded) and writable (Burnt) DVD’s may look the same and have the same structure they are inherently different in the way they are produced.

All DVD’s are made up of a series of tiny bumps and pits 120 nanometres wide ( which is approx 1/7th of the width of a human hair) laid out in a continuous spiral round the DVD’s reflective surface see diagram/illustration:

With a commercial DVD these pits and bumps are created using an injection moulding process round a master die so each pit and bump is completely uniform in size, shape and alignment.
Recordable optical media works in much the same way but instead of a stamped pattern, the discs contain a layer of light sensitive organic dye. Burning a pinpoint of dye with a red laser changes its optical properties to mimic those of a stamped pit, in effect recording data onto the disc.

The discs are spinning at on average 1400 revolutions per minute while being written to a full single layer DVD which will have a spiral of data that is over 7 miles …yes seven miles long!

So getting back to the problem a written (Burnt) DVD will never be as precise as a commercial DVD because of the process required to create it, this doesn’t mean the disc is actually faulty.

A DVD player has to be able to read a variety of disc types (most will read at least 8 different types of disc). Due to the minute differences between each burnt disc not all DVD players will necessarily be able to correctly read every DVD.

Also on occasion it has been known that some Blu-Ray players can experience issues playing Burnt DVD’s so if you predominantly want to play your DVD on a Blu-Ray player may we suggest a Blu-Ray disc would be a much better alternative.

We pride ourselves on the quality of DVD’s that we produce and want every customer to enjoy and be satisfied with the DVD or Blu-Ray they have purchased.

Please note: We will replace any DVD disc that is faulty as long as it is returned to us within a reasonable time frame and in the original condition it was received in (with no visible damage).

Firstly, we need to ascertain if there is any other reason why a disc will not play properly. If the DVD is faulty then we will replace this on a like for like basis as quickly as possible, but if the disc is not technically faulty then we will do our best to find a workable solution for you. If we just simply burn another DVD there is no guarantee that this new disk will play on your equipment either. So its really important to us that we can fully test the disc and check with the information & notes you have provided before supplying a like for like replacement or offering an alternative solution.

Our recommended advice is always try and play the suspected faulty disk on another DVD player to see if the fault still occurs before returning your DVD to us.

If you are still experiencing a problem please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible:

Problems Playing a DVD
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When requested please return your DVD disc (disc only not case) along with your notes (above) by 1st or 2nd class post. We will reimburse the cost of your postage by the way of 1st class stamp along with your replacement disc.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your patience whilst we do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.