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Have you ever considered WATCHING on DVD all those old photo Slides you have amassed over the years?
We have the technology to digitally transfer your photo Slides onto DVD or CD for easy viewing and sharing of your images.

It is possible to store hundreds of individual images onto a single CD and thousands of individual images onto a single DVD in jpeg format.

We can edit and add titles and music of your choice to create a video slideshow, which will follow one another gracefully dissolving from one picture to the next, re-kindling all those special memories.

Our Slide Conversion Service is available as a Standard, Enhanced & Premium scan.

Standard service includes an image scan up to 300ppi, 1600dpi, in jpeg format and framing.

Enhanced service includes an image scan up to 600ppi, 2400dpi, jpeg format, Auto Enhancement & Framing.

Premium service includes an image scan up to 600ppi, 3200dpi, choice of jpeg or *tiff formats, manual RGB Colour Correction, Saturation Contrast Enhancement, Framing & Dust Removal.

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*TIFF is a flexible, adaptable file format for handling images and data within a single file, by including the header tags (size, definition, image-data arrangement, applied image compression defining the image’s geometry. A TIFF file, for example, can be a container holding JPEG (lossy) and PackBits (lossless) compressed images. A TIFF file also can include a vector-based clipping path (outlines, croppings, image frames). The ability to store image data in a lossless format makes a TIFF file a useful image archive, because, unlike standard JPEG files, a TIFF file using lossless compression (or none) may be edited and re-saved without losing image quality. This is not the case when using the TIFF as a container holding compressed JPEG. Other TIFF options are layers and pages.

Please note because .TIFF is an uncompressed format this file will be a larger data file and will be more beneficial if you are planning to archive, enlarge and reprint your images at a later date with lossless compression at all times. However, please take into account any additional costs that may be incurred when transferring and converting your media to one of our digital portable USB storage drives as this will demand a larger capacity drive.

Slide Conversion

We will supply all scanned slide images on your choice of DVD, DATA CD/DVD or portable digital USB storage drive.

Once we have scanned all your images you may like like us to create and edit this into a DVD video slideshow. Some small additional costs will apply for adding titles and music.

From 0.55p eachEnhanced Scan - Slide Conversion Service
  • Enhanced Scan Service to DVD or DATA DVD/CD
  • Resolution up to 600ppi. 2400 dpi, jpeg format, Auto enhancement & framing
  • A minimum charge applies of £25.00 for scanning up to 24 slides.
  • Additional slides @ 0.75p each
  • Over 100 slides @ 0.55p each
  • Please contact us to discuss large quantities as discounts will be considered.
  • Additional DVD/CD copies made at the same time £5.50 each
  • Single DVD/CD Cases 0.50p each
  • Double DVD/CD Cases 0.60p each
  • A Video Slideshow for all your Photo & Slides is available

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