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Video Slideshow on DVD or USB Flash Storage Drive!

Our slideshow price is based on us performing a Standard scan service upto 100 images @ 0.65p each and over 100 images @ 0.55p each.

Other scanning service options are available, please call to discuss.

  • Please note a minimum charge applies of £30.00 for scanning up to 24 photos/slides. Thereafter additional images will be charged @ 0.65p each.
  • Please contact us to discuss large quantities as discounts will be considered.
  • We can design & create video titles @ £1.00 per title.
  • Editing if required will be charged at an hourly rate of £35.00 or £20.00 flat 30 mins rate. This would only be a result of us having to re-order and edit images into specific groups etc. Or by us including and editing music to your slideshow. However, If your photos/slides are delivered to us in a very clear and concise order for scanning, then no editing charge will need to be added.
  • Additional DVD/CD copies made at the same time £5.50 each
  • Single DVD/CD Cases £0.50 each
  • Double DVD/CD Cases £0.60 each
  • USB Flash Storage Drives from £10.00

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Once we have scanned all your images onto DATA DVD you may like us to create and edit a video slideshow. For an additional cost we can create a DVD menu, add titles and edit suitable music over the entire slideshow.

USB flash Storage Drives are available should you prefer extra portability. The slideshow will be supplied as a digital file (normally mp4 format) and individual photo & slide images as jpeg files. This drive will definitely make for a more flexible way of storing, sharing your images easily and safely (see our full list of prices below).

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